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Saturday in Nairobi 7/27/19

To Our Family and Friends,

We had another beautiful day in Africa and here’s a breakdown of the happenings throughout the day!


The small girl down in the middle of this group selfie was the “daughter” that stole my heart (and my Kleenex) here in Nairobi. What a difficult story of trauma and triumph that can only find redemption by the power of Jesus Christ thru the helping hands of his people. Pray for Angel Elizabeth & all of the children at Shepherd’s Rod School here in Kahawa West. James and Elizabeth Kiningi (also pictured here) serve these children as founders and directors of the school.

This along with its teachers who receive very little; but have been empowered to provide so much love, compassion, patience and care for “the least of these:” children who were throwaways, orphans, vulnerable & other-wise “at-risk.” Powerful stories of terrible-beauty.


We had the opportunity to visit the Masai Market in the city center of Nairobi. If you ever wanted to test your haggling skills this is the place to go. Luckily we weren’t alone and had our friend Basil do our haggling for us. There were rows and rows of colorful stalls full of wares. Each stall vying for your attention. We weaved our way through what seemed like an endless maze, making the best choices of souvenirs we could possible.

Harry and Kathy

We had a two hour prayer breakfast in the old sanctuary of Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church. Afterward, we attended a basketball tournament in the church parking lot. There were over 200 kids in attendance and Harry shared pictures of his ministry from around the world on his iPad. In the evening, Harry and Kathy were part of a 5 family BBQ that extended into the early hours of Sunday where fellowship was plentiful.

It was a fun filled day from beginning to end and great to see the church in action and the mobilization of its members in the community.

Thank you so very much for following our adventures and there will be one more update tomorrow!

May God Bless you and your loved ones,

The Nairobi Missions Trip Team

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