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Safari Adventure at Nairobi National Park

Dearest of Friends and Family,

We hope and pray that all is well at home in Chicago! We miss seeing each one of you but we are having a very blessed experience here in Africa. We were able to see so many beautiful things of His Creation today and would love to share that with you all!

Our journey began at 6am Monday morning and as we had the best opportunity to see the various animals at that time.

It isn’t always a guarantee to see a lion on a safari but we were fortunate to have come across a pride of them!

The ostrich is a strange and quite fascinating animal and saw many of them throughout the park. My understanding is they are capable of doing serious damage if need be.

During the break, we had a lot of photo opportunities, we stretched out our legs, and Brian showcased his Ninja warrior skills!

We continued throughout the park and saw many giraffes up close and personal.

Right before exiting the park, we came across a rhino which an enormous and formidable beast!

We finished the day with fellowship and food at a Brazilian steakhouse where we shared much laughter and appreciation for each other’s company. The crocodile meat was a real treat!

Our Kenyan brothers and sisters have been incredibly hospitable and loving the whole time we’ve been here. We thank them and you for pouring into us and appreciate you immensely!

Full Gratitude,

The Nairobi Missions Trip Team

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  1. What a wonderful experience. My prayers continue. Thank you for sharing your journey. Blessings.

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