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Sunday’s Recap 7/21/19

Apologies for the delayed update but we do have a great synopsis for you all about our Sunday at Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church and other activities that took place during the day. Each team member wrote a summary from their perspective.


Met a church member who was 103yrs old and a very sweet lady.
Mama Betty took Me and Nereida sight seeing. We went to a hidden gem down by the river a beautiful garden. Then we went to the Blue Post Hotel and saw a waterfall. We had chocolate covered figs from Greece.

Harry and Kathy

Harry preached. We attended a couples group, had lunch together and great fellowship.


I joined members of my host family on a walk to the Cardinal M. Otunga playing field where many of the men from church played each other in a futbol match. I met Frank and Jackie, who actually spent time in the states. He attended college & university in Georgia. She graduated from high school there. They have three children: Keke, Shawn & their youngest, nine month old Georgia. She’s a cutie. Coach Frank leads the basketball ministry at Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church. I really enjoyed sharing stories with many who watched on the sidelines. Adam and Brian played on opposing teams. They did alright.


Had a wonderful morning at Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church worshipping with our fellow brothers and sisters. At lunch was able to spend time with my host family and engaged in some deep conversation as if I was one of their own. I was challenged, encouraged, and prayed for. It was an excellent day and God was glorified.

Tomorrow we’ll give you a rundown of our Safari and all the other fun stuff we did today! Blessings to you all and thank you for your love and support!

Love always,

The Nairobi Missions Trip Team

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