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Day Two in Mathare at Hope Baptist


After having shared his personal testimony of how he came to personally know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior on Day 1, Mike shared from 2 Timothy 1 about the importance of guarding the truth of the gospel on Day 2. Though he emphasized why Holy Spirit-filled pastors and teachers need to “adopt” spiritual sons in their personal discipleship ministry (especially young men & boys who lack this from their own fathers); he also pointed out that mothers possessing sincere faith are critical to the spiritual development of their children.

Gladys shares with Mike that she believes he’s Luo, one of the Kenyan tribes/language group.

I met Johari Kay and Felix Amukoa, two young men who seem to have gentle spirits & need encouragement. Johari sings gospel music & serves at Hope Baptist. He was saved out of a community that practices witchcraft. Felix experiences abuse & abondonment as a kid but found Jesus.

One of the main goals of the Missions Trip is to teach and develop the local pastors to lead the community long after we’re gone. Harry and Mike have provided a tremendous amount of wisdom and guidance for the pastors and our prayer is that they can incorporate the strategies and teachings while building their ministry in Mathare.

Prayer Night at Kahawa Sukari

Prayer night at Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church led by Pastor Ezekiel was an incredible evening of focus on God’s direction and purpose in our lives. We sang songs of praise, prayed profusely, and listened to scripture readings together. It was a true blessing for us all and filled out hearts with joy, comfort and peace.

Good Night and God bless,

The Nairobi Missions Trip Team

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