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Last Day of Ministry in Mathare 7/25/19

Dear Family and Friends,

We were blessed with another wonderful day in a place of hope and love that surpasses our comprehension. Perhaps, because it’s perfectly imperfect we have all fallen in love with the dear children and staff of Hope Baptist Church.


Day 2 and 3 at Hope Baptist Church. The women met separately from the men for the second half of our day together. Kathy shared her testimony Agnes and Mary from Kahara Sukari Baptist Church translated. We talked about raising children in the Lord and other topics that were specific with a women’s gathering.

Later in that evening we attended a monthly prayer meeting at KSBC
This prayer meeting was exactly what I needed and didn’t expect. My time there was spiritual uplifting and encouraging. The Lord met me there in a special manner.


The day with the staff and children at the school was another unforgettable experience.

The children and teachers put together a performance for us and we shared much laughter in joy united in God’s love.

There is an incredible gift the people of Mathare have that we should all yearn for. They have hope, faith, and love in their lives that has purity, authenticity and humility from Above. Most of all, God loves them far more than we can understand which is why we love them so much.

Our lives have been forever changed and we pray that in some way this journey we have been on has touched you. We look forward to sharing our last few days in Kenya with you and hope that the story will long be told after our departure.

May the Lord bless you and your loved ones now and forevermore,

The Nairobi Missions Trip Team

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  1. So good to hear that all is going well. As the children especially have had an impact on you, I’m sure you’ve been a significant part of their lives this week. I think God works in both directions! Love, Pops

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  2. Wow! How amazing to gather with our brothers and sisters in Christ, in Africa. Thank you for bringing Africa and the experiences to us on this blog! Lisa, can’t wait to here All about it! Hugs & blessings to you all!!!

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